Personal: One Month in Mexico

Posted: 09/30/2011 in Mexico, Personal

This week marked the completion of one-month in Mexico. To me, it is shocking how little culture shock I have experienced in being here. There is, of course, the usual adjustment to a different currency and the daily challenge of figuring out how to feed myself –where to shop and what to buy or what to order at the street-stall or restaurant de comida corrida. The altitude was another adjustment –Mexico City sits an average of 7,350 feet above sea-level so, after being here for a month, it is nice to finally not feel my heart racing or my head pounding after my walk home.

Otherwise, I am extremely comfortable and content in my assignment, doing exactly the work I came here to do with a team I enjoy very much.

I feel as though my home-base, my apartment, is another huge factor in creating this sense of stability. It is much nicer than any apartment I have ever lived in as an adult and nice enough to make me feel guilty about living there while I study and practice development in a country with such obscene inequality. It would be too much for me in the long-term (I can sense the U.S. Government chuckling at that statement while looking at my student loan balance sheet), but for these remaining five months, it is perfect. It’s also a short, fifteen-minute walk to the office and has quickly become the center of my world in Mexico City.

Dining room with garden view and table begging for dinner parties.

Living room, stained glass into the shared entry way, sunshine.

Couch, seeks guest/visitor NSA.

Accents on the end table.

I love this old chest in the hallway.

Simple bedroom.

Mandarin tree in the garden.

  1. julie says:

    What a picturesque view out of the beautiful windows in your dining area with stunning wood furniture and floors! Your situation reminds me of about 11 years ago when your dad was feeling guilty as you, your brother and I went with him to London (one of if not the most expensive city in the world) to study the poor for his divinity degree.

    Having choices and being able to help people is such a blessing.

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