The Forest in the City

Posted: 09/02/2011 in Mexico, Personal

I sort of had the day off today since I’ll be taking a night bus to Oaxaca this evening and observing a large training held by CDM there on Sunday. It also just happened to be the most beautiful day I’ve seen in my week since arriving in Mexico. It had rained all night, so the air was clean and the sky was bright blue and clear.

I went to explore el Bosque de Chapultepec, the huge park just across the way from my apartment. Chapultepec, I’ve read, functions largely as the lungs of the city, being a massive area green with trees in an otherwise concrete and steel metropolis. It’s also the largest park in Latin America and has been used as a park since at least Aztec times.

I only ventured into one very small section, but the park is a beautiful combination of monuments and fountains abutting large natural areas of rolling hills and enormous trees. It took me about ten-minutes to walk there and, late on a Friday morning, it was very quiet and peaceful. I don’t have any deeper insight to offer here other than that Chapultepec is a blessing –an oasis from the otherwise relentless pace of life in Mexico City.

Nezahualcoyotl, a pre-Aztec king.


Fuente de los Niños.

Lilies in the park.

  1. […] walk from the market, a fifteen-minute walk from work, and just across a main street from the amazing Bosque Chapultepec. I will miss the few neighbors who know me, the women who sell me my produce at the market, and […]

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